Hprenpisam Rhomic

The well Hungarians after the parade Dancing in the arena

Chippenham Morris' best ever scam. They applied to go to the Chippenham Folk Festival as a Hungarian dance team called Hprenpisam Rhomic, which is an anagram of Chippenham Morris.

They danced in the parade and were invited to present a dance display in the Arena on Saturday afternoon.
With bagpipes covered in a sheepskin rug and masks, they managed to keep their identity secret. Even when they danced a fish slapping dance to a song about bloaters, people still did not realise it was a con.

Fish slapping with stick and bucket

The organisers finally realised later that evening when rumours started spreading. Hprenpisam Rhomic made a guest appearance at the Stick and Bucket competition on the festival Sunday, finishing a creditable second.

Actually the act proved surprisingly popular and many have said that the costumes really made an impression. So if you would like to book a mock Hungarian dance group for a parade or dance display, please contact them. Their English friends Chippenham Morris are willing to take bookings on their behalf. Nice of them.

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