Dancing on the TV

Dancing in the farmyard

Well we do get some odd bookings and in May 2005 we had another. A late call from Channel 5 to dance on the reality TV show The Farm.

Celebrities work as farm hands and get voted out in similar way to Big Brother. They were having a village fair where the celebs ran stalls, baked cakes etc. As a surprise we were shipped in to dance for them and to get them to join in.

Lionel Blair showed he still can do it on a dance floor. He was picking up the steps pretty quickly. Emma Noble made a good attempt as did rapper Flavor Flave and even adult movie star Ron Jeremy showed he was up for it (in a manner of speaking). Though we did draw the line at buying his homemade doughnuts on the basis that we didn't know how he made the holes.

It probably did not do much for anyone's street credibility, but they all seemed to enjoy it. Better than being cooped up in the farmhouse I guess.

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