Chippenham Town Morris Men

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Every year on the Monday Bank Holiday at the start of May, we travel round three or four local villages dancing outside the village pub. We have done this since the first May that we knew enough dances to appear in public. Torquil, Pete & Dave

Folk Festival 
- CTM parade with the Millennium Bug in 1999

Due to economic necessity, our first May Day tour of the local villages had to be on a borrowed tractor and trailer and for many years we happily travelled at a leisurely pace, taking in the countryside. Then insurance difficulties and bureaucracy got in the way of travelling on a straw bale on a trailer and now we have to hire a coach, which isn't nearly as much fun.

2024 venues (approximate times):

Tractor tour

For an evening tour, close to the longest day, we cycle round various establishments, usually 3 or 4 pubs.
2022 venues (approximate times):

To see where else we are dancing this year, check out our events page.

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