Chippenham Town Morris Men

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Many people may wonder why grown men should dress up in funny clothes and bells to dance silly dances with handkerchiefs and sticks. Apart from the obvious ones of exercise, comradeship, having a good time and an excuse to get down to the pub, here are our top ten reasons for dancing:

  1. Nobody ever caught a life-threatening disease from Morris Dancing
  2. You can practice Morris Dancing on your own and not feel guilty
  3. You can buy a book on Morris Dancing without worrying if your neighbour has seen you
  4. You can download Morris Dances from the Internet without worrying about the police
  5. You don't have to ask your partner how it was for them after each dance
  6. You can do another Morris Dance seconds after you finished the previous one
  7. Nobody beats you up for showing their wife how to caper correctly
  8. You can Morris Dance in a public place without the tabloid press exposing you
  9. Nobody worries about the size of their Morris Stick
  10. Nobody minds if you lend them your hanky after Morris Dancing

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