NEWS - Portman Building Society try to sting us for money
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After years of saving our few pennies, we get from subscriptions and well-wishers, in the Portman Building Society, they wrote to us to say that in future they would charge 60 to administer our account. A few cheques a year, always been in credit and they want 60?

They said if we get our balance over 10,000 they will give us a WHOLE QUARTER OF A PERCENT EXTRA INTEREST! How kind! What nice people. Pity that the chances of us collecting 5 figure sums is about as remote as us being chosen to dance at Kim Howell's next birthday party. Our watching public will have to dig very deep in their pockets.

What do these people think they are doing? OK, we may not contribute very much to their bottom line, but we are not a liability and we don't ask much. Whatever happened to customer service?

I trust you will think about this when making your next investment decision. Happily however, following the Abbey takeover of Portman, we should get a windfall payment which will cover their exhorbitant charge before we close the account.

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